Editorial, Features and Deadlines



Focus onFeatureFeatureExtra CirculationRegional FocusDeadline
Fall 2015 Rehabilitation:
CIPP, Sliplining, Spirally Wound, Pipe Bursting
Inspection & Condition Assessment Pipe Cleaning Robotics ISTT No-Dig IstanbulTurkey 31 July 2015
Winter 2016Installation:
HDD, Microtunnelling, Pipejacking
Pipe and ConduitDrill BitsNASTT No-Dig
No-Dig Poland
No-Dig Moscow
North America22 January 2016
Spring 2016Rehabilitation:
CIPP, Sliplining, Spirally Wound, Pipe Bursting
Utility locationCCTV & SonarIFAT
Trenchless Asia
Germany12 April 2016
Summer 2016Installation:
HDD, Microtunnelling, Pipejacking
Vacuum EquipmentDrilling Equipment/ Fluids/Mud SystemsTBCTBC10 June 2016
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