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Trenchless International

April 2009

Remembering a trenchless Pioneer

Ted Flaxman

The life and contribution of Dr Satoru Tohyama, a Trenchless Technology pioneer in Japan and the ISTT, is remembered by friend and colleague Ted Flaxman.

Made in China

Kate Pemberton

The global HDD market is a dynamic and expanding area. A new innovative market emerging from the east is set to challenge the dominance of the traditional manufacturers.

Reconstructing pipes in Wajima City

Masatoshi Kasukawa, Komatsu. Translated by Kyoko Kondo

In Wajima City, Noto Island Japan, an earthquake caused the destruction of more than 16 km of sewer and agricultural pipes. To restore the pipes, a new trenchless technique was applied – the IM-Rebirth method can crush and remove existing reinforced concrete pipes and install new pipes along the same trajectory.

UV light: curing pipe problems

The advantages of the completely trenchless and fast sewer rehabilitation of the pipe lining with a light-curing reaction resin system were demonstrated in a project in Ostertorsteinweg street at the edge of the Bremen old town, Germany.

All wound up in Poland

Szczecin, Poland is the first city in Europe to benefit from a new Japanese renewal technology, spiral pipe renewal (SPR).

Alleviating flooding in Ashbourne

Severn Trent has embarked on an extensive program to upgrade the wastewater system – using trenchless solutions such as pipe jacking and CIPP – to alleviate flooding in Derbyshire, England.

Rehabilitation of a return line for cooling water

An innovative low pressure pipeline repair technique has been tested at a power plant in Berlin. Michael Roeling describes the procedure and successful outcome of the test.

The role of robotics in the trenchless industry

Paul Heenan

The official definition of a robot is “a machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control,” yet this does not really define the information and functions that the robots in the Trenchless Technology industry provide to engineers from local water authorities, municipalities and other utility owners.

Locating laterals in Toronto

Benko Sewer Services of Ontario uses four IBAK Lateral Launch Systems (LISY) in order to maintain essential services in the city of Toronto, Canada.

A guide to manual coating application

The rehabilitation of pipes damaged by corrosion has resulted in the creation of innovative and effective solutions. The following provides a ‘how to’ guide for the manual application of mortar coatings.

Managing assets in Las Vegas

Trenchless Technology contributes substantially to asset management across the world. Charles Scott from the Las Vegas Valley Water Department spoke with Trenchless International about their asset management program.

Risky business

Roderick Lovely

Quantifying risk is fundamental to any physical asset management program, the following article presents how this information can be obtained and used to assess risk.

Covering your assets

Hesham Osman and Kevin Bainbridge

With the Infrastructure deficit in Canada and other countries climbing along with the changing economy, there is a real need for municipalities and utilities to take a hard look at the way they view the management of their infrastructure assets. The “asset management” era is upon us and many municipalities across Canada and internationally are recognising the necessity to change their service delivery model, essentially re-evaluating how they do business.

Delivering desalinated water to Sydney

The $US419.5 million water delivery infrastructure project, part of the Sydney’s Desalination Project, aims to secure the city's water supply for future generations by constructing about 24 km of pipelines across Botany Bay, Australia.

Pipe and conduit Part one - a brief history and guide

The choice of pipe material is an important consideration when designing road, river and rail crossings and other trenchless installations. These materials have evolved to fulfil specific purposes in modern towns and cities. To help planners decide on the most appropriate pipe for the job Trenchless International provides the first in a two part series about the history and uses of pipe.

Record SWP down under

Interflow, an Australian pipeline renewal contractor, recently installed the world’s longest and largest continuous spirally wound pipe liner from a fixed winding machine as part of a sewer rehabilitation project in Sydney.

Trenchless Technology – building the economy

Kate Pemberton

United States President Obama has signed the $US787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. The stimulus package, including billions of dollars to fast track ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects across the United States, is an effort to create jobs and grow the economy.

Testing the limits of HDD

J Murphy, G Fyfe, T Giesbrecht and W Dyck

In 2008, Pembina Pipelines completed the construction of a pipeline project to supply oil pipeline services to one of the new Oil Sands mines in northern Alberta, western Canada. Near the middle of the project on a section of NPS 24 pipeline, an HDD was required due to access, environmental and land constraints encountered.

Rehabilitating New York City’s NCA

A Noble, D Roberts and A Fareth

Constructed between 1885 and 1891, the New Croton Aqueduct (NCA) in New York State is a 50 km tunnel conveying water from the Croton watershed north of New York City to distribution systems in the Bronx and Manhattan. The NCA has benefited from an extensive design, inspection and rehabilitation program.

Auger boring through hard rock: overcoming the challenge

Rob Foster

Hard rock is the true nemesis of the auger boring contractor, the evolution of auger boring know-how and its increased recognition as a more widely used and understood method of underground technology has introduced disc cutter head product tooling.

HRX: heading across the harbour

A record was recently set on the Virginia Natural Gas Hampton Roads Crossing (HRX) HDD bore. Project Manager Les Flora spoke with Trenchless International about the innovative and challenging project.

HDD is the key to the Keystone Pipeline

Lyndsie Mewett

TransCanada is undertaking an innovative, cost-competitive way to accommodate the expected growth in Canadian crude oil production over the next decade. The Keystone Pipeline project is unique compared with other projects in that it combines both the construction of a new 2,219 km pipeline in the US and the conversion of an existing 864 km existing pipeline from natural gas to oil service. HDD is essential to preserve the stunning landscape and achieve the necessary river crossings.

Undersea HDD rescue in Saudi Arabia

In 2007-08 a pioneering HDD project was started using Trenchless Technology on the Berri Causeway and Abu Ali Island on the Persian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. Two parallel 3,050 metre long steel pipelines were to be installed under the bay.

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