The Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology (TSITT) will soon host the 33rd International No-Dig Conference.

Executive Director’s Report

ISTT and member societies have a busy schedule promoting trenchless through the remainder of the year, highlighted by the 33rd International No-Dig in Istanbul.

Five minutes with Yasin Torun

Trenchless International speaks up with Turkish Society for Infrastructure and Trenchless Technology Chairman Yasin Torun, a man with a strong vision to accelerate Trenchless Technology’s already strong growth in the...

Under Turkey

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a two-decade history of utilising Trenchless Technology solutions throughout its urban centres. Harbouring a rich tapestry of ancient wonders stretching...

Tunnel vision

With Turkey’s third Microtunnelling Short Course soon to be held at No-Dig Istanbul, Trenchless International speaks with course convenor Professor Levent Ozdemir to discuss his lengthy career in the tunnelling...

Megaprojects and green infrastructure: the trenchless revolution

Trenchless International catches up with ISTT Immediate Past Chairman Dr Samuel Ariaratnam to discuss industry trends, an ongoing megaproject in China, trenchless’ role in sustainability and green infrastructure, and the...

No bend too sharp

Swietelsky-Faber installs Brandenburger pipe liners with bends of up to 90° in Augsburg.

Shifting the boundaries

UV technology and cured-in-place pipe liners are pushing the limits of sewer rehabilitation further and further.

Tackling rehabilitation head-on

An overview of Wessex Water’s most recent and innovative trenchless rehabilitation projects.

Hawaii’s longest tunnel

In the spring of 2015 by the idyllic shores of Oahu, a Robbins 3.96 m diameter main beam tunnel boring machine began its long journey to bore what will be...

HDPE lining in the Oman Oil Fields

Anticorrosion Protective Services Divisional Manager Steven Latimer discusses a project carried out in the Oman desert where water injection pipelines of varying diameters are HDPE lined.

HDD goes to the Baltic Sea

German companies HELMA and Paasch have completed a difficult utility pipe installation for a Baltic Sea resort using horizontal directional drilling.

Tools in an asset management kit

Asset management is a broad church. Essentially, it is the process of optimising limited resources to help maintain a large and often sprawling network of infrastructure. Here, we look at...

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