ISTT members have had a very busy spring. In mid-April, ISTT Past Chairman Sam Ariaratnam and current ISTT Vice Chairman Enrico Boi both attended the China society’s 19th No-Dig event in Qingdao. I joined Ariaratnam and Boi afterward in Beijing and visited venues for next year’s International No-Dig 2016 Beijing.

Executive director’s report

This issue of Trenchless International, issue 28, is the first to be published using a seasonal identifier – summer, fall, winter, spring – rather than a specific month of the...

Under Brazil

The combination of densely packed megacities, a burgeoning oil and gas industry and thriving jungle has seen Brazil embrace Trenchless Technology with enthusiasm, beginning with the use of no-dig installation...

HDD upstream

Charles Stockton discusses quality control, risk management and the rise of horizontal directional drilling in Australia’s oil and gas industry.

The wonders of Wheatstone

Innovative use of microtunnelling on Chevron Australia’s Wheatstone Project smashes industry records and minimises environmental effects.

Jack of all trains

HOBAS culverts jacked under Polish railway.

Mission critical

Fusible PVC® pipe selected for potable water pipeline crossing beneath Pearl Harbor.

The new ring-leader

An exclusive interview with new Ring-O-Matic CEO Brian Metcalf.

Trenchless trailblazers

Trenchless International interviews three prominent women in Europe and Asia’s no-dig sectors to ask them how they got their starts, their career highlights and any advice they have for women...

Dynamic fluids

How drilling fluids are the unsung heroes of trenchless drilling operations.

Reducing costs of fluid disposal

An Ohio underground construction company has reduced drilling fluid disposal and associated costs by incorporating a reclaimer into its equipment fleet.

Cobble gobbler

Pipe ramming alternative spares city months of permit approval delays from isolated glacial till deposit.

Renewing a megacity’s gravity pipe

Inside the largest rectangular-shaped sewer rehabilitation project in Hong Kong.

Trenchless traveller

Award-winning young engineer Liam MacFarlane takes part in three enlightening trenchless industry placements in Hong Kong.

All eyes on Istanbul

Held at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the ISTT’s 33rd annual International No-Dig Conference and Exhibition is coming on strong.

Trenchless unites Japan and Hong Kong

Affiliated Societies from Hong Kong and Japan joined supporting organisations for a successful technical forum on trenchless pipe rehabilitation and installation techniques in April.

Berlin turns on the water works

No-Dig Berlin held in conjunction with leading German water industry event.

A cast of thousands

Delegates and visitors congregate to Qingdao to see the best of China’s trenchless industry.

Key to success

GRUNDOPIT Keyhole receives 2015 NASTT Innovation Award.

A better way to thrust bore

Ingenieürburo Owner Gert Lucke explains the development of a new thrust boring system for use in sewer construction projects.

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