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Trenchless International

July 2009

A Mexican standoff

The Emisor Oriente wastewater duct, located in Mexico City, is the largest inner urban wastewater system being built in the world. Two of the world’s biggest TBM companies, Robbins and Herrenknecht, are going head to head to construct the line.

Microtunnelling and how we got there

James Thomson

To know how we got where we are today it is worth looking back at some key historical landmarks in the development of tunnelling.

Curved jacking of centrifugally cast GRP pipes

Ulrich Wallmann, Germany

Curved jacking is often required by designers and clients as a solution to specific and environmental, engineering and economic considerations. Ulrich Wallmann reports on the developments and testing in centrifugally cast GRP jacking pipes for curved jacking and reflects on three successful European jacking projects.

Testing the ground in Italy

In the north eastern region of Italy, near Venice, extensive environmental studies were carried out on a microtunnelling project to install a new gas pipeline, Flaibano - Gonars, which crosses two protected waterlands. The testing attempted to determine some general principles for the impact of microtunnelling on the environment through a variety of tests on groundwater, soil, flora and fauna.

Grundodrill heats up German castle

District heating, a system for distributing heat generated in a centralised location for residential and commercial heating requirements, is becoming ever more popular. HDD was selected to install the district heating pipes for a castle in Germany.

How to get the most for your HDD rig

There is a lot to consider when purchasing or leasing a horizontal directional drill – features, durability, support, training and overall value. Trenchless International spoke with Jon Heinen about the potential resale value of the unit.

Trenchless replaces trenches in Toulon

Translated by Michelle Perl

No more open cut installation for this wastewater sewer that services six districts and 340,000 residents in the western Toulon region, France. Trenchless Technology is now being used. Underground installation of pipe and microtunnelling have replaced excavators, showing consideration to riverside residents and respect for the environment.

Million pound HDD rig in Montana

Built in Germany, the Mears custom designed million pound-pullback HDD rig was put straight to work installing pipeline to replace a product line to a major oil refinery in the city of Billings, Montana, located in the north of the United States sharing a border with Canada.

Pipe bursting – big in Japan

Post-1945 Japan saw the construction of essential underground infrastructure across the country. As a result, many Japanese cities now have sewer networks of lengths exceeding 7,000 km, which have been in place for over 50 years.

Success for HDD intersects in Saudi Arabia

In January 2008, two parallel HDD intersect crossings were started from Berri Causeway under the bay to Abu Ali Island at Al-Jubail on the Persian Gulf Coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These two parallel HDD crossings were novel because of their extreme lengths, both 3,050 metres from entry to exit.

Auger boring challenges in the Virgin Islands

Arid Veidmark, III, EVP Specialized Services Company (SSC)

Innovative auger boring was chosen to install oil pipes in a challenging underground environment on Saint Croix, located in the Caribbean Sea.

Innovative water main installation in Bulgaria

Pavel Gruev, Secretary BATT

A highlight of the Bulgarian Trenchless Conference and Exhibition, held in October 2008, was a presentation detailing the installation of a water main through rock under the Varbitsa River, near the town of Djebel in southern Bulgaria’s Kardjali region near the Greek border.

Cured-in-place pipe: past, present and future

Kaleel Rahaim

Eric Wood developed a process that changed the world of infrastructure renovation; that process has changed in the thirty odd years of use and will continue to evolve.

Swagelining in the Congo

A steel pipeline designed to transport seawater to oil wells in the Republic of Congo, in order to increase production, is being swagelined. The estimated 60 km length is thought to be the longest swagelining project ever undertaken.

Manhole rehabilitation

Condition assessment of manholes is becoming increasingly important for the maintenance of underground assets. New technologies are making the job easier.

Rehabilitation in Singapore – going the extra several thousand miles

Angus W. Stocking, L.S.

Toh Ben Seng Contractors Pte Ltd, based in the Republic of Singapore, had just landed a huge contract for sanitary sewer rehabilitation in Singapore, more than 55 km of line – that was the good news. The bad news? The project included hundreds of manholes, the schedule was tight, and manholes were not, at the time, one of Toh Ben Seng’s specialties.

Award for asset liner Aqualiner

An innovative product that increases the life span of sewers has stamped its mark internationally and scooped up a global prize after being trialled by Wessex Water in conjunction with the UK based developer Aqualiner and UK contractor Onsite.

Inspecting large sewers

David Crowder, Gerald Bauer, and Donald Young

Canada's City of Hamilton has a vast network of critical, typically deep and high flowing large diameter sewers that convey flow to sewage treatment plants. A recent pilot project tested a new multiple sensor robot technology in a large diameter sewer.

Using trenchless in the Ukraine

Olga Martynyuk

Ukrainian Association Modern Trenchless Technology (UAMTT) was founded in Odessa in April 2004. Several companies recognised the benefits of Trenchless Technology and sought to combine their efforts to promote the No-Dig technique.

Bursting records in Ukraine

In line with the most optimistic forecasts of Ukrainian experts, the introduction of Trenchless Technology into national practices of construction and repair of underground networks is gaining momentum.

Rehabilitating the Rivelin water supply system

Yorkshire Water together with the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) will improve the quality of drinking water to customers supplied from the Rivelin water supply system in the southwest area of Sheffield, near Manchester, England.

Crossing the Cape Fear River

Paul Headland, Jim Flechtner, & Dick Conolly

The Cape Fear River Crossing project has replaced a 30 inch raw water transmission main beneath the Cape Fear River northwest of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Pipe and Conduit

Part two – rehabilitation and repair The trenchless industry has developed a range of rehabilitation and repair options for failed pipes. Innovative trenchless options will minimise disruption and provide long term solutions for various modes of failure.

Double honours for Ray Sterling

At the International No-Dig Show 2009 in Toronto, ISTT and NASTT recognised a number of individuals and companies for their contributions and achievements for the societies and the trenchless industry. Both organisations agreed on one exceptional trenchless individual worthy of the highest honours.

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