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Trenchless International

October 2011

From the Chairman’s Desk

Sam Ariaratnam

In the Northern Hemisphere the fall season is upon us, and I trust that you all had a wonderful summer, or winter period.

Executive Director’s Report

John Hemphill

ISTT and the 26 Affiliated Societies that are ISTT members have been busy, actively pursuing programs to advance the science and practice of Trenchless Technology and to promote education, training, study and research of trenchless for the public benefit.

International experts head down under

At the 2011 ASTT conference there will be a number of international experts sharing their knowledge through abstracts and papers presented for delegates.

No-Dig Poland

The 2012 No-Dig Poland conference will be held from 17–19 April at the Uroczysko Hotel in Kielce, located in the centre of Poland at the bottom of the Saint Cross Mountains.

Reflections on No-Dig in Hong Kong

Ian Vickridge, Consultant, and previous Technical Director with Black & Veatch Hong Kong and Past Chairman of the CHKSTT

The Trenchless Technology industry in Hong Kong has grown significantly as the urban terrain challenges open-cut methods for major projects. Here, Past Chairman of the CHKSTT Ian Vickridge reflects on the trenchless industry and how he has seen it evolve.

Bringing industry leaders together

China is one of the largest markets for Trenchless Technology, and it is currently gearing up for its 13th International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology 2011, which will see over 1,000 visitors to its exhibition and 500 delegates to its technical program in its three-day conference held from 26–29 October in Beijing, China.

Great Southern Press opens new office in China

Publisher of Trenchless International, Great Southern Press, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Qingdao, China.

On the wastewater fast track

The first of three Robbins tunnel boring machines has been launched in Mexico City for work on a 62 km long wastewater line, to be constructed as part of the Emisor Oriente project.

Water utilities in the Asian region

Water and wastewater services are generally provided as a public service by a public utility owned by local or national government. In some countries, including France, the UK and the Czech Republic, these services are largely provided by private companies, while in other regions, such as Germany and the United States, most utilities have a mix of private and public ownership. Here, Trenchless International focuses on the water and wastewater utilities in the Asian region of Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

This tunnel’s a beauty

In the bustling metropolis of Singapore, the Beauty World Station and Tunnel project is making excellent use of innovative tunnelling technology.

Curing the world one main at a time

Cured-in-place pipe has had a revolutionising effect on the world of infrastructure and asset management. Here, Trenchless International looks at some recent projects implementing the technique around the world.

CIPP relining in 22 days

Sewers of various lengths and diameters, across nearly 50 locations in Essex, located in the UK, received a swift rejuvenation by Aarsleff Pipe Technologies.

Curing the Kingdom

The first trenchless specialised local contractor in Saudi Arabia, International Aramoon Corp, recently completed a rehabilitation project for the Water Authority of Eastern Province.

Winding through the canal

Since its market launch in Germany in 2008, the SPR method has enabled defective sewer lines to be rehabilitated with a spiral-wound pipe liner formed of endless steel-reinforced PVC profile strips inside the sewer. The current rehabilitation of the Uchte canal in Stendal, located in Germany, by specialists from the Brehna office of KMG Pipe Technologies GmbH shows that even exotic profiles with large nominal diameters can be rehabilitated by this method.

Largest to date: relining in France

Near the city of Lille, located in the north of France, 4 km of sewer drains were rehabilitated using UV-light curing pipe liners from DN 600–1,200 mm made by Reline Europe – an unprecedented project in France.

Under pressure

RS Technik has finalised a licensing agreement with Inland Pipe Rehabilitation for its new RS BlueLine pipe rehabilitation system, featuring specially formulated Dow epoxy resins for pressure pipe applications helping to address the pressure pipe market.

Modernising London

Thames Water is replacing 100-year-old leaking water pipes in Catford, United Kingdom, by using pipe bursting.

Bursting for a new look

A total of 15 pipe bursting runs will be completed as part of the Inwood-Dellwood-Bellaire sewer rehabilitation project, located in Ohio, United States, by Avon Lake Municipal Utilities.

An easy return to the hole

The Vac-Tron Air Series 555 and 855 SDT combine air (dry) and water (hydro) vacuum together in one low-profile unit. The compressed air system is powered by the main engine, and can operate pneumatic air tools on the jobsite while increasing safety standards.

Improving the hydraulics

In Cologne, Germany, pipe bursting has been used to upsize an oval concrete pipe and install a new plastic product pipe.

Assessing the risk: Web-GIS based risk management of water and wastewater pipeline failures

Varun Raj Sekar, Graduate Research Assistant, and Dr Sunil Sinha, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech, Virginia, US

Advanced pipeline risk management is contingent on accurately locating the buried pipelines, the environment and also the physical condition of the pipelines. A web-GIS based state-of-the-art platform provides a robust way to assess the risk associated with the failure of water and wastewater pipelines.

The value of advertising online

Zelda Tupicoff

Does your marketing plan include a budget for online ads? Find out why placing advertisements online is no longer an optional extra.

Get on the road to Niagara Falls

The 2012 Underground Infrastructure Research Conference and Trenchless Technology Road Show, to be held from 4–6 June at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Canada, will bring visitors from around the world.

5 minutes with Enrico Boi

Continuing our new feature, Trenchless International introduces you to another member of the ISTT Executive Sub-Committee. Here we speak to Enrico Boi from the Italian Association of Trenchless Technology (IATT), who says he fell in love with trenchless at first sight.

Powering the west coast

The Vancouver City Central Transmission Project, located in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, is the most significant upgrade by BC Hydro to the city's electricity system in 30 years. The project consists of 8 km of 230 kV underground transmission circuits, including an 850 m horizontal directional drilled crossing beneath the bed of False Creek and a new distribution substation with an ultimate capacity of 400 MVA, commissioned to an initial capacity of 134 MVA.

About ISTT/Membership

The ISTT is the umbrella organisation for trenchless technologists in over 30 countries of the world. In 30 countries, groups of trenchless technologists have their own national groups that are affiliated, while the remainder are registered directly with the ISTT.

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