Up in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has come and gone. Spring quietly arrived in Hong Kong, with the biggest local event the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Tournament. To those who attended, it was good to see a few of you in my town!

Executive Director’s report

I have just returned from attending the North American Society’s (NASTT) Annual No-Dig Show in Denver, Colorado.

The age of Aquatech

Held in mid-June at the world’s largest exhibition complex, Asia’s biggest water exhibition is sure to make a splash, with significant opportunities for international businesses.

Under China

The rise and rise of Trenchless Technology in the Middle Kingdom.

Beyond the Yangtze River

Within a challenging time frame of six months, Prime Horizontal installed three 3,300 m parallel gas pipelines in soft riverbed formation under China’s great river.

Buried art beneath Canadian Street

When a project to upgrade Toronto’s Light Rail capabilities necessitated reinforcing stretches of the city’s underground stormwater network, specialist glass fibre-reinforced structural lining elements were utilised to meet the unique...

Super construction site meets super edifice

The tale of Brandenburger pipe liner at Neuschwanstein Castle.

Spanish Rose: concrete sewer pipe replaced via pipe bursting

Situated on the Costa Brava in Spain’s north-east, the Catalonian town of Roses was faced with a leaking 600 mm diameter concrete sewer pipe. The decision was made to replace...

Curing deteriorating asbestos water mains

With many of the world’s water mains still serviced by asbestos pipes, Aqua-Pipe Product Director Michael Davison looks at the rehabilitation of these assets using proven cured-in-place pipe lining technology.

Rolling in the fast lane

ProKASRO has recently launched the UV-CCU, a new highly mobile UV system for sewer rehabilitations.

Curing quaking pipes

Research teams at two United States universities have investigated the potential for cured-in-place lining to protect pipelines during earthquakes.

Primus Line ready for prime time

Primus Line continues to gain traction in the United States, with the system playing a starring role in a recent renovation of a pressurised effluent main in New York.

When the chips are down

A Hong Kong company is testing a new means of gathering and managing utility management data on cured-in-place pipeline installations – by placing computer chips on the liner itself.

Mapping the Underworld

University of Birmingham School of Civil Engineering’s Nicole Metje and Chris Rogers outline the Mapping the Underworld and Assessing the Underworld initiatives, which seek to make street works more sustainable...

Better bridges through GPR technology

North America’s bridges could be made safer thanks to methods developed at a Canadian university using ground-penetrating radar.

Keeping leaks inline

Pure Technologies’ Stephen Rothwell looks at the integration of inline leak detection surveys into water loss reduction programs for water utilities, including the evolution of acoustic and video technology.

Precise jacking in a sensitive environment

Over 400 m of pressure pipe was recently jacked in Bulgaria to convey purified wastewater from a treatment plant to the Black Sea.

Connecting Corpus Christi

With the aid of Fusible PVC pipe, Mears has successfully completed a critical utility project connecting Corpus Christi, Texas, to Padre Island via horizontal directional drilling.

Sustainable Sweden

A variety of drilling techniques protect local wildlife and heritage sites while improving water quality for residents in Sweden’s most sustainable municipality.

NASTT No-Dig peaks in Denver

The NASTT’s 2015 No-Dig show was a record-breaking success, with attendance, exhibitor numbers and sponsorship reaching new heights in the Mile-High City.

Honouring the Trenchless Technology titans

Nominations are now open for the ISTT’s 2015 No-Dig Annual Awards, to be presented at the 33rd International No-Dig in Istanbul, Turkey.

NSTT No-Dig Event 2015

From 7-8 October 2015 at Hart van Holland, the Netherlands, the Netherlands Society for Trenchless Technology will hold its annual No-Dig event – a show dedicated to showcasing trenchless techniques...

New applications for Applied Felts

The world’s largest independent manufacturer of quality cured-in-place pipe liners is expanding its offerings to include force mains and other pressure pipe applications.

UK trenchless equipment provider seeks worldwide distributors

Underground Systems Limited specialises in the design, manufacture, hire and sale of equipment for the utility industries, with a focus on trenchless tools and equipment.

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