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Trenchless tenders: Canada and India

Tue, 15 April 2014 Tenders have been released in Canada and India for trenchless rehabilitation works.

Capacity for large pipe production extended

Tue, 15 April 2014 A new spiral pipe plant supplied by Schuler and Atis will enable Group Five Pipe Saudi to raise its annual output by 400,000 metric tons.

GRUNDORAM rams through Bucharest

Tue, 15 April 2014 Two steel pipes have been installed using pipe ramming underneath the Mihai Bravu Boulevard in Bucharest.

Utility construction service provider launches new division

Tue, 15 April 2014 Michels Corporation has bolstered its civil and utility construction services by launching its newest division, Mi-Con.

$US18.8 million pipeline rehabilitation contract awarded

Tue, 15 April 2014 The City of Baltimore, US, has awarded SAK Construction a $US18.8 million contract to install more than 17,000 m of small-, medium- and large-diameter cured-in-place pipe in residential neighbourhoods in the Union Square area of Baltimore City.

Success for new bore tool

Wed, 2 April 2014 Tracto-Technik UK has received positive feedback from customers following the launch of its new GRUNDOMAT ‘N’ soil displacement hammer in the UK.

New solutions for lateral pipe lining and bursting

Wed, 2 April 2014 HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has announced the release of its self-contained HydraLiner trailer packages, designed specifically for the needs of cured-in-place pipe professionals.

No-Dig Moscow just around the corner

Wed, 2 April 2014 With just over two months until No-Dig Moscow, make sure you’re registered to be a part of the 2014 Conference and Exhibition.

Trenchless tenders: US and Canada

Wed, 2 April 2014 Tenders have been released in the US and Canada for stormwater upgrades and utility works.

Pipe bursting in the Netherlands

Tue, 18 March 2014 Dutch company BAM Nelis de Ruiter has recently completed a pipe bursting project in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

Official support announced for No-Dig Turkey

Tue, 18 March 2014 No-Dig Turkey 2014 has recently welcomed the official support of local public institutions such as the Union of Municipalities of Marmara and the Union of Turkish Municipalities.

Calling all HDD professionals

Tue, 18 March 2014 Have you checked out the Trenchless International jobs page recently? There are new listings calling for directional drilling labourers and sales staff.

$US10 Million CIPP contract awarded

Tue, 18 March 2014 Insituform Technologies has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $US10 million from the City of Baltimore, Maryland, US.

Trenchless services sought

Tue, 18 March 2014 Tenders for trenchless services have been released in the US and Canada.

Record-setting TBM breaks through in Mumbai

Tue, 4 March 2014 A Robbins Main Beam TBM has recently completed one of the longest and deepest water supply tunnels in Asia, the Mumbai Water Tunnel.

Counting down to No-Dig Poland

Tue, 4 March 2014 With just over a month until No-Dig Poland kicks off, now is the time to get on board and register for Poland’s sixth Trenchless Technology conference.

Tunnel boring in the Yangtze River delta

Tue, 4 March 2014 In 2013 four Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines tunnelled under major Chinese rivers, displaying speed, top safety levels and extreme precision.

No-Dig comes a-LIVE in the UK

Tue, 4 March 2014 The UK Society for Trenchless Technology will host its biennial live event at a new venue in 2014.

Trenchless tenders: India and US

Tue, 4 March 2014 Tenders have been issued in India and the US for pipe laying and sewer rehabilitation.

Final destination for London’s deepest tunnel

Thu, 20 February 2014 The tunnel boring machine digging a six kilometre-long giant sewer under east London has reached its final destination.

Hybrid TBM takes on Australian Decline Tunnel

Tue, 18 February 2014 Tunnel boring technology is being used to bore the Grosvenor Decline Tunnel for Australia’s Anglo-American Coal Mine in Queensland, Australia.

Infrastructure alliance partners announced for 2015-21 investment period

Tue, 18 February 2014 Scottish Water has announced its water and wastewater infrastructure alliance partners for the 2015-21 investment period.

Trenchless tenders: India, US

Tue, 18 February 2014 Tenders have been released in India and the US for various trenchless works.

Turkish TBM breaks through

Tue, 11 February 2014 A 4.3 m Robbins Double Shield tunnel boring machine has recently emerged after boring a 9.3 km headrace tunnel in Turkey’s Adana Province for the Yamanli II Hydroelectric Project.

Drilling manufacturer wins major Algerian contract

Tue, 4 February 2014 A German-based manufacturer of drilling rigs and equipment has won the largest single contract in its 20 year history.

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