Pipevision will be relining 1,980 ft of 24-inch and 27-inch concrete sanitary sewer interceptor pipe and eight manholes.

The sewer main transfers wastewater from the northwest area of Naperville to a large pumping station at North River Road.

The City of Naperville said that Trenchless Technology was chosen because of the difficult area in which this sewer main is located.

“The cured-in-place-pipe method (CIPP) will eliminate tree loss, prevent the disturbance of nearby landscaping and avoid long-term traffic inconveniences. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to repair underground pipelines,” the council said in a statement.

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“This method of sewer rehabilitation will add another 50 to 100 years of life to the sanitary sewer system.”

The liner will be installed using water from a manhole located in the middle of the project. After the liner is installed the water will be heated to harden the resin in place, a process that will happen several times because of the length of the project.

After the lining is complete the eight manholes will be sprayed with a two-part epoxy to prolong the life of these structures.