Fishpond sewers get relined

Wessex Water has commenced Sewer upgrade work along four roads in the Fishponds area of Bristol, located in the UK.

Wessex Water said they are relining the sewers, which are estimated to be around 90 years old, by pushing a plastic liner inside from a manhole and setting it with hot water.

Project Manager Julian Britton said “We are in a fortunate position to be able to use trenchless techniques to carry out repairs to sewers in our region.”

“The techniques are very beneficial as they mean we can minimise disruption to both local people and motorists and significantly reduce the duration required to complete the work,” Mr Britton said.

The £120,000 investment to upgrade the sewerage network forms part of an ongoing renovation scheme in the city that involves Wessex Water modernising sewers to improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of sewer collapses.

Wessex Water said the upgrade will take around six weeks to complete, which is half the time normally required thanks to the innovative techniques.

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