The main purpose of the visit was to view the city and assess the possible host candidacy of Medellin for the International No-Dig 2017. For this purpose, the Medellin Convention Bureau and Proexport offices invited the ISTT executives to inspect the possible facilities and general infrastructure of the city in order to make an assessment on its potential for hosting an International No-Dig event.

The ISTT executives visited the Plaza Mayor Convention Center, the Northern Interceptor Project, a microtunnelling project currently under construction, and diverse hotels and touristic centres in the city.

They also had meetings with Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) staff. EPM has been a Colombian Institute for Subterranean Infrastructure Technologies and Techniques (CISTT) platinum sponsor since 2009. CISTT Chairman Luis Maldonado also participated in this meeting, along with CISTT Executive Director Arlex Toro and CISTT International Representative Juan Carlos Gutierrez, among others.

One of the last meetings of the visit was with representatives from the School of Engineering of Antioquia and EAFIT University. The university representatives asked the visitors about information and ideas for participating in trenchless and underground infrastructure events and education.

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CISTT gives special thanks to Daniela Maturana and Paola Piza, Medellin Convention Bureau executives, for assisting and hosting the important ISTT visitors. The Medellin Convention Bureau, PROEXPORT, ICTIS, and EPM, will be attending the ISTT No-Dig São Paulo 2012, and the No-Dig Sydney 2013 to promote the candidacy of Medellin for the 2017 International No Dig.