The ATV Series is for any job requiring non-destructive vacuum excavation. With 300 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at a 225 psi air compressor, hydraulic boom with a 6 inch vacuum hose, and 2,400 vacuum cfm it is designed to quickly loosen tough soils without damaging underground structures.

Applications include: locating underground utilities, setting power poles, installing utility lines (pulling dart or mouse through conduit), installing short horizontal bores, and soft-digging trenches. Features available on the ATV Series also include a waterproof and lockable control panel, a low-noise engine, and a 2,000 psi at 15 gallons per minute of water pump/jetter.

“We’re thrilled to bring the new ATV Series to our customers,” said Vice President of Sales at Vac-Tron Equipment Brian Showley. “With unmatched hydro/air excavation power, the ATV Series really is the ultimate excavator.”

The ATV Series is backed by a two-year factory warranty and has additional specifications, including downloadable specifications sheets, which are available on the Vac-Tron website.

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Vac-Tron Equipment offers a full line of industrial vacuums excavation equipment which can also be used for directional drilling slurry removal, industrial clean-up, waste clean-up, lift-station clean-up, manhole clean-out, culvert clean-out, lateral and storm drain clean-out, and power pole installation.