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Cable Ploughing

Cable ploughing is a Trenchless Technology that is steadily growing in use in Australia, and is effectively used by many companies around the world.

The technique is particularly suitable for sparsely populated rural areas where long pipelines with few connections are required.

An all-terrain traction unit pulls the plough with a cable winch, with bumpy terrains levelled by universally adjustable extensions and hydraulically adjustable rubber tyres. At the starting point of the bore path the plough lamella is placed in the starting pit at a level with the installation depth. Being pulled by the rope, the plough lamella displaces the soil in the pipeline zone, settling the ditch bottom with its own high weight, creating a hollow space for pipeline installation. By means of an automatic sanding cart attached to the plough, the hollow space can be filled with sand.

Then the pipe is installed on the bottom of the ditch at the desired depth free of any mechanical stress. The pipe and cable plough installs PE and PE-X pipes of diameters up to 255 mm.

Small, flat waters can be crossed using this technique and pipes can easily be installed in embankments. Using the technique to install pipes below ground water level has proved to be very economic and environmentally-friendly.

The terrain around the project area should not be fortified and should be free of larger obstacles. Prior to the installation the exact position of crossing lines and the prevailing soil conditions have to be investigated.

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