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CIPP systems create a close-fit ‘pipe-within-a-pipe’ which has quantifiable structural strength and can be designed to suit various loading conditions.

A variety of CIPP systems are available, with the common feature being the use of a fabric tube impregnated with polyester or epoxy resin. The tube is inserted or inverted into the existing pipeline and inflated against the pipe wall, then cured either at ambient temperature or, more commonly in all but the smallest diameters, by re-circulating hot water, steam or ultra-violet light.

Most cured-in-place lining systems are intended for the renovation of gravity pipelines, though pressure pipe systems are also available.

They are versatile, being able to accommodate non-circular sections, bends, and changes of cross-section, all pipe materials and various loading conditions. CIPP lining produces a close-fit liner with a smooth internal surface, and the resultant low hydraulic roughness often compensates for the reduction in bore.

The ring-stiffness of the liner is enhanced by the restraint provided by the host pipe and the surrounding ground, but systems designed for gravity pipelines do not rely on a bond between the liner and the substrate. The liners generally used are resistant to all chemicals normally found in sewers, and special resin formulations are available for particularly aggressive effluents. Pipes from less than 100 mm to over 2,7500 mm diameter can be relined.

CIPP lining has a track record of almost 40 years, and its durability is well established.

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