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Inspection and Condition Assessment

Condition assessment, or monitoring, encompasses a number specific techniques that can help practitioners assess, and establish, the condition of various assets.

The condition monitoring technique required to assess the condition of an individual pipe asset is pipe type specific, and to a lesser extent, location specific. To allow assessment of the remaining life of a pipeline or to establish its probability of failure, information is required on a significant number of factors, which varies from pipe type to pipe type, but may include, pipe wall thickness, pipe wall defects, pipe deflection, soil support conditions, soil movement index and soil corrosivity. For water pipelines, these systems have concentrated on assessment of a single property such as remaining wall thickness or the presence of leaks, whereas for sewer systems the use of multi sensor systems has been investigated however, water pipelines require significant information on a number of properties to allow condition or lifetime assessment.

Common trenchless technologies for inspection and condition assessment include CCTV, laser, sonar, flow monitoring, gas monitoring and leak detection.

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